Day 08- Inverarnan to Tyndrum

Date: 9/14/2016

Location: From: Inverarnan To: Tyndrum

Mileage: 12 + 3 Mi.

Weather: Beautiful , some clouds but mostly blue skies

Temperature: 64°F

Lodging: Dalkell Cottages

GPS Location: 56°26’7” N and 4°42’ 40” W

Highlights: Walking through the valleys looking at all the mountains on both sides, going into the conifer forest, seeing the rivers that we followed and seeing the people fishing. Most of all having a good day with no rain.

Summary of the Day: 

I woke up at 5:00 a.m. but laid there until 6:30 just thinking about the day ahead, what the day would be like, and what I'd see today. I finally got up at 6:30 and packed up to go to breakfast. At 7:30 the restaurant finally opened and I headed over for a cup of coffee and to meet Hawk and Little Pony. It was a good breakfast, typical eggs toast and veggie sausage. About 8:00 we put our ship-ahead luggage in the pick up room and left. The day started with a mild uphill, but nothing too hard. I was feeling pretty good and slowly got a head of everybody. It wasn't too long before I decided to stop and wait for them. I saw a man coming up the hill that I'd never seen before so I waited until he got nearer and I spoke. We started walking and talking. He is from Miami, Fl. and he is here with his brother and nephew. As we walked I learned more about him and what hiking experiences he had.

He told me that he was section hiking the Appalachian Trail. He said that he hiked every year and he had gotten as far North as Virginia, up around Roanoke just north of Dragon’s Tooth. He and I stayed together until we got to the junction where the trail continued on toward our daily destination and the other way went down to the small town of Crianlarich. The West Highland Way trail folks have started a thing similar to what they have on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, where you get a passport and get it stamped daily. When you get finished in Ft. Williams you present the passport book with the stamps in the book and they give you a certificate of completion. One of the stamps has to come from Crianlarich, which  is about a mile out of your way. We decided to walk down and get the stamp. As it turned out, after the walk down we decided to eat lunch at a restaurant right there where the trail meets the road, but it was closed so we walked to the next one about a quarter mile farther, only to find it also closed. The only one that was open was a hotel, which was farther. After we got there and waited to be waited on, we ordered tea and the soup of the day, but even that took a long time. We ended up spending an extra hour getting the stamp in the book. At this point Little Pony decided that she was going to take a bus to our destination and meet us there, so we parted company and Hawk and I started walking back to the trail. The rest of the day was a delight. The trail had a few ups but mostly it was either level or down hill.

We ran into two guys from Scotland who were walking the WHW for charity. It was for cancer. One of the fellow's wife had brain cancer. They were camping along the way and fishing in all the streams. The one fellow had a really nice fly rod. After we left them behind, we picked up our pace and pushed for our room. We finally got here around 4:00 only to find Little Pony already here and in their room. The rooms here in this cottage are a little small but are very nice and really clean. I now know why in the UK they call the bathroom a water closet. When I went into my room there was a bed and a small desk and the closet with bi-fold doors. I wondered if everyone shared a common bathroom down the hall or something, so I figured I'd look for it but first I'd put my bag in the closet as it was taking up most of the floor space in the room. I opened up the bi-fold doors and there was the bathroom, complete with everything you needed. Boy was I surprised.

After cleaning up and resting  for a little while we all decided to head to the restaurant just up the street for dinner. I had a great hamburger and chips(fries) and for the desert I decided to get the ice cream sundae. What a way to end what turned out to be a perfect day of hiking! We walked back to our rooms and prepared to go to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a shorter day so we can leave a little later tomorrow. Again it's about time to go to bed and rest. This journey will continue and to all I bid you a good night.

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