Day 09 - Tyndrum to Inveroran

Date: 9/15/2016

Location: From: Tyndrum To: Inveroran

Mileage: 10 mi.

Weather: Started out cloudy and around clouds cleared and blue skies and full sun

Temperature: 64° F

Lodging: Inveroran Hotel

GPS Location: Unavailable at this location

Highlights: Views from the trail (old military road), views of the valleys and the two mountain ranges.

Summary of the Day: 

Slept in this morning until 7:00 and then got up and packed everything before going to breakfast at 8:00. Breakfast was really good and the best coffee that I've had since getting to Scotland. We, as well as about 10 Canadians, left the cottages at the same time around 9:00. It was an easy walk along the old military road up the valley between mountain ranges and looking over at the Scotrail train system and the highway on the other side. Today was pretty much the same all day. We walked on the old military road and in between the same two mountain ranges. We followed and crossed under the railroad tracks several times until we got to the Bridge of Orchy, and that's the last time that we connected with the railroad.

After I came into the village of the Bridge of Orchy I walked down to the Bridge of Orchy Hotel and had a pot of tea and waited for Hawk and Little Pony. When they got there they ordered lunch. Right after they had ordered, the group the 10 Canadians came walking in and ordered. They were getting their order before Hawk got theirs. He went and asked why and was told that they had preordered before they got there. I remembered a few days before when we ordered in another town and people came in after us and got served first. I stuck with my tea but still had to wait on them to get theirs and eat it. After they finished eating and paid their check, we took off. I didn't stop until I got to the hotel that we are staying in. When we arrived our luggage hadn't but I still went  to my room and cleaned up. It wasn't too long until the delivery people  showed up with the luggage. 

I had a 6:30 dinner reservation, but you needed to place your order by 5:00 because they prepared your meal so that when you came in a 6:30 they presented you meal within about 5 minutes. This is a pretty unique way of running a restaurant. After dinner we all parted company and I came back to my room to get ready for bed. While today was a good hiking day and the views were pretty, it was a pretty bland day as we saw the same things and views over and over. Hopefully tomorrow will be new views and landmarks, but we will see. And so the journey continues.

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