Day 10 - Inveroran to Kingshouse

Date: 9/16/2016

Location: From: Inveroran To: Kingshouse

Mileage: 11 mi.

Weather: Beautiful sunny day with strong cool winds

Temperature: 61°F

Lodging: Kings House Hotel

GPS Location: 56°39’4” N and 4°50’ 27” W

Highlights: Walking the old military road and being able to look at the views, seeing the massive mountains

Summary of the Day: 

I got up at 6:45 this morning, and got packed up and was ready to go. We had agreed last night that we would meet at 7:30 for breakfast and be ready to leave by 8:30. The breakfast was really good. I always get the vegetarian breakfast. This is generally two eggs, vegetarian sausage, toast and jelly with coffee and juice. After we finished and we're ready to head out, our Canadian friends came out and started as well. We all took off and it wasn't long before we saw them in the rear view mirror. It's hard to get eight people to make any time hiking. I moved faster than Hawk and Little Pony, so they fell back as well.

It was a great morning for hiking the trail as it had an uphill slant to it and the temperature was in the mid to high 50s with a nice brisk wind which made it cold if you stopped, but okay if you kept walking. The trail, while it was mostly a vast, wide-open valley and mountains, passed many conifer plantations along the way.  At one point I came to an old stone bridge that crossed the River Ba. Shortly after, you will come to the ruins of Ba Cottage, but frankly after searching around for it, all I saw was about four big stones and that was all that was left of the Ba cottage. It was time to move on to other sights.

Finally after walking several miles up I came to the summit, and off to the left of the trail, up on top of the hill was a small rock cairn. From this cairn you had great views over the Rannoch Moor, the largest uninhabited wilderness in Britain, which is 50 miles square. This summit is 445 meters or 1,460 ft. high. From this point the trail starts to drop down and the wind is started to pick up. It travels downhill all the way to the Glencoe Ski Center, which has a little coffee center, but is 200 meters off the trail. I opted not to turn off there but instead to continue to the parking lot and wait for Hawk and Little Pony there before proceeding on to the Kingshouse Hotel. After they caught up with me, we continued to the hotel about a mile away. When we got there they had a mix up on the rooms, where they put Hawk and Little Pony in a room with two single beds and me in a room that didn't have a bathroom but you shared one with three other people. Hawk had a talk with them about their room and got that straightened out so that they got a double bed. I still didn't know at the time that I was sharing a bathroom down the hall with three others. When I went to my room and discovered that I went back and said that I had paid for a room ensuite, which means that you have a bathroom in your room, so they quickly changed me out as well. I have a big window in my room that looks out to the mountains. It's a nice room, although there was still one minor problem with the room. When I went in to take a shower, I turned the water on and had to wait about five minutes for the water to get hot. It finally did and all was good. I climbed into the shower and was enjoying the nice hot shower and was all lathered up and my hair was full of soap when the water shut off. I was soaped up and no water. I didn't know what to do next, so I waited and after about five minutes of standing there the water came back on but not for the shower, only for the faucet below. I had to get on all fours and put my head under it to rinse off. After a while I was completely rinsed and I got out. The water in the shower has never come back on even after I mentioned it to them.

At 6:30, I met up with Hawk and Little Pony for dinner. It was a good dinner. I had the steak and ale, which is like roast beef and potatoes with vegetables. It was well prepared. One thing that I can say is that I've not had a bad meal in Scotland yet. After dinner we decided to head off to our rooms. There isn't much in the way of Internet here, as it comes and goes, mostly GOES!  I think that sleep will come shortly and quickly as tomorrow we have an 8-1/2 mile hike, but it is a tough uphill hike and we have to be in the town of Kinlochleven by 3:00 to meet a taxi that will transport us to Glen Coe to our hotel. The city of Kinlochleven didn't have any rooms to put us up in because there is a big cycle festival tomorrow and Sunday. I'm sorry that we couldn't stay there because I think that the festival could be fun, but such as it is with that, we’ll just see how the day goes as we progress up the trail and I'll close off for tonight by saying the journey continues.

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