Day 15 - Gairlochy to Laggan

Date: 9/21/2016 

Location: Gairlochy to Laggan 

Mileage: 12.7 Mi. + 1.6 

Weather:Cloudy with no rain and cool 

Temperature: 52°F 

Lodging: Glen Albyn Lodge 

GPS Location: 57°416” N and 4°4642” W 

Highlights: Walking along the loch and also seeing a lot of big trees and birds 

Summary of the Day:  

I got up at the usual time of 7:00 and finished getting packed and ready for breakfast. At 8:00 I wandered downstairs to the breakfast room. They had a nice setup with several types of cereal and fruit available. Teresa brought me a small pot of coffee to start. I was waiting on Hawk and Little Pony to come down. Finally they did and then the hot meals were served. Teresa was going to drop us back at the trail about 4.5 miles away on her way to work, but that was at 9:15 so it gave us plenty of time to eat and get our gear together before we had to leave. Right on time we piled into her car and she ran us up to the trail. When we got there people were already standing around getting ready to walk across the bridge to start. What I had read about today's hike was that you cross the bridge and walk level along the loch, but the trail crossed the bridge and then went up the road, which was up hill. This didn't last too long before it leveled out and then turned right off the road to a path which headed back down toward the loch. The next thing right in the middle of the trail was a sign that said "trail closed due to tree felling ahead," and then said to "bushwhack" back up to the road. We thought about it for a couple of minutes and not hearing anything in the distance decided to just go forward. We walked for 10 minutes or so and then we heard machinery ahead, but kept on going. Hawk and I saw the logging trucks down below picking up logs that must have been cut yesterday. They didn't see us so we just pushed on through the work site. We walked along the shore of Loch Lochy for a while before the trail did go back up to the road, which we followed for a long time.

I passed several historical sites. The first one that I saw was a restored landing craft used here during the Commando training during World War ll. Also there was the first Achnacarry House, which was originally built in 1655 and later destroyed and rebuilt in 1802 and used as the base of the training camp for the 25,000 British Commandos. We walked the roads a lot today drawing close to the loch and then going back up the Mountain and losing sight of the loch all together. Finally after a long while we finally got on a dirt track and it got back down nearer the loch. All this up and down stated to take its toll on Little Pony’s ankle, as she had twisted it a few days before. I could tell that she was starting to favor it some. As the day wore on she started to get slower because of it, but she made it through and we got down to the final loch at Laggan and found the little café by the name of the Eagle Inn, which is on an old ship. You board the ship and go below deck and there is a bar and tables. It's a really a unique little pub/restaurant and the food and hot tea was good. I had some fresh, homemade tomato basil soup, which was thick, creamy and very hot. After about 30 minutes or so we finished and left because we knew we had another 30 minutes to go to get down to the Great Glen Waterpark where we could have the people in the office call the B&B where we were staying tonight. They did and in about 15 minutes the man showed up.

As he took us back to the B&B he told us that we could eat at the hotel about a 10 minutes walk away by foot, but Little Pony told him that she couldn’t walk and besides it was starting to rain. He agreed to take us there but said that he might not be able to come back and get us and that we might have to call a taxi. After we cleaned up he loaded us up and took us to the restaurant, which according to Little Pony was a 5-star restaurant. It didn't matter to me, for all I knew was that it had people eating inside and the food was great. I had the pork loin with asparagus and some ravioli. After dinner we had the restaurant call the taxi. He was there in about 5 minutes and brought us back to our room. By now it was dark and raining pretty good. The man charged £5 and it was well worth the ride. Now it's getting close to bed time and Hawk and little Pony were heading off to bed.

I am going to do a little planning for tomorrow. This has been an interesting trail and so completely different from the WHW. Tomorrow isn't supposed to be as hard or long so I guess we’ll see then.  We only have four more days until we have completed the GGW and then it’s off  to Glasgow and back to the States and back to life off the trail, but until then the journey continues… 

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