Day 18 - Invermoriston to Drumnadrochit

Date: 9/24/2016 

Location: From: Invermoriston To: Drumnadrochit 

Mileage: 14.5 Mi. 

Weather: Foul, Rain and Drizzle all day 

Temperature: 57°F 

Lodging and Cost: Bridgend House 

GPS Location: 57°2012” N and 4°2848” W 

Highlights: View of Loch Ness, but with minimal views, my B&B room and hot shower at the end of day 

Summary of the Day:  

I got up at 6:30 this morning and packed up as usual and waited on Hawk and Little Pony to get to breakfast. After breakfast we headed out into the rain, as it was scheduled to rain all day today, which it did. The trail started off going up a steep incline for about a mile before leveling off some. I was ahead of Hawk and Little Pony and stayed that way all day until just before we got to Drumnadrochit at the end of the day. I came to where the trail split left and right, to the left for the height route and right for the low. I decided on the low route because you couldn't see anything either way high or low. I just put my head down and walked on. Finally I got to a little fork in the trail with the name,on my map of Grotaig There was a sign on a post that said pottery and teas. I turned  left and walked up 200 meters to a little pottery shop. The sign pointed toward the back and said teas. When I went in I saw a man sitting there drinking a pot of tea and eating some kind of cake. I had seen him before on the trail. He was from Southwest Scotland and was a really nice guy. A man came out from the back and ask me what I would like to eat or drink. I ordered a pot of tea and the Scotsman said that the banana bread was really good, so I ordered that as well. It was good. We sat there and talked for about 20 minutes, when another man came in. It was the man that I have been passing on the trail for days, he was from England.. We spent a good hour there just drinking tea and talking about everything from trail to how to pronounce some of the words in Scotland. I asked how to say the word for this place, Grotaig, and even the man from Scotland didn't know how to say it. That made me feel somewhat better, because I couldn't say any of the words that I read since I got here. Finally Hawk and Little Pony came in as I was about to leave, but I decided to stay a while with them. They ate and had tea as well, so after about 45 minutes they were ready to go. We made our way to the city of Drumnadrochit, or Drum and everybody seems to call it. It was only 4.5 miles. Now the search for the B&B started. Hawk asked two different people and neither of them even knew about it. This wasn't a good sign considering that the entire town only had about two restaurants that I could see and several little trinket shops and about 6 or 7 B&B’s. So while Hawk and Little Pony sat and had a beer I decided to go across the street to the tourist info center and ask. When I ask her she said oh yes go directly across the street where the tables with the big umbrellas are and the B&B is on the corner. Well I followed her instructions to the letter and when I got there it was a restaurant on one side and a Deli on the other. So is guess that she was wrong. Finally Hawk walked up the street to another B&B and asked there and the man there said to go  up the street just a little and it was on the right.  We did and it was. It's a nice place, not as nice as some of the ones that I've stayed in but it has a good bed and a hot shower, so I am happy. We got reservations at the best restaurant in town, so everybody told us, and really the only real restaurant in town. Basically it is a pub with about 8 tables. I do have to admit that it was good. After dinner I left The two of them sitting their having a Drink  or two,  but I walked back to my room to get stuff ready for tomorrow. We have eleven more miles to go and we’re done and will be in Inverness for the night before taking the train back to Glasgow. This trip is coming to a close and I'll be going home, but the journey is completely over yet as I will was to Inverness and get one more chance to walk around the town and shops, so until then the journey continues… 

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