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Tales & Trails of Krispy Kritter

Tales and Trails of KrispyKritter is an entertaining chronicle of Wayne Petrovich’s first backpacking experience and how he progressed to become a seasoned long distance hiker. Bestowed with the trail name KrispyKritter, he has hiked world class trails such as the Appalachian Trail, the Florida Trail, the John Muir Trail, the Bartram Trail, the Foothills Trail and the Tahoe Rim Trail – all in the United States, then onto the Pennine Way in England and the West Highland Way in Scotland. Each trail has provided KrispyKritter with stories involving nature’s raw beauty, magical instances that transform the tribulations of hiking into treasured moments, comical situations, and reflections of characters met along the way who found their own stories out in Nature. Along with his trail stories, KrispyKritter interjects his unique perspective of guidance, safety and common sense.

Description: First edition, dimensions: 9x6", 270 pages.

Cost: $14.99 

Tales & Trails of Krispy Kritter


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